Canadian Fly Fishing Museum

Mission of the Museum

The Canadian Fly Fishing Museum is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to collect, preserve, promote, propagate and pass on the material and immaterial fly fishing heritage to all Quebecers and Canadians by means of exhibitions, cultural and educative activities.

Furthermore, its mandate is to gather material and immaterial collections, to preserve them for present and future generations, to be a source of fly fishing knowhow and to make this knowledge available to all. In doing so, the Museum will be an integral part of the cultural and social development of the community to facilitate acquisition, preservation, propagation and the interaction amongst all associated with fly fishing.


Fly for the month of May
Mouche Louise

Wings, fibres from the golden pheasant's top knot, breast feather and tail, with sprigs from the green parrot, blue macaw, and kingfisher; body, fiery brown mohair with gold twist; head, orange mohair; tail, golden pheasant's topknot; reddish brown hackle, and jay legs.